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Registration Forms

Registration, Enrollment, Transcript and Withdrawal Information
Residency Update/Change

Please fill out the form below with residency changes/updates.  Please email residency proof to [email protected]  Residency proof accepted: 

Current Mortgage statement or lease.  Lease, mortgage or utility bill; MUST show parent/guardian name OR One (1) current utility bill (electric, gas, or water) with the parent/guardian name listed.   No telephone/cell phone bills, cable   bills, insurance, or bank statements will be accepted.

Parent/Guardian current official picture identification.
Click here -->Residency Update

Transfer Student Enrollment

If the student is transferring from a Dekalb County school, please make sure you email residency information (lease or mortgage statement or utility bill) along with the parent ID to: [email protected]

Click here -->  School to School Transfer

Student Withdrawal

Click here -->  Student Withdrawal

New to DeKalb County Student Enrollment 
If the student was not a Dekalb County student for at least one (1) day within the previous school year, there is an online process which can be found here:
Please understand the online process can take 24-72 hour to complete.   
Transcript Request/Enrollment Verification 
For transcript requests of recent (past 5 years) please complete the form below with the student's name (while attending) and the student's date of birth.  Please also include the name (business/college/university) and address of where the official transcript needs to be mailed.  
Please email this request to [email protected]
Click here -->  Transcript Only
For transcript request (student who graduated more than 10 years ago) and enrollment verifications, please visit